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Fresh wax melt

Fresh wax melt

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This refreshing fragrance of Fresh removes unpleasant odors through the use of Lemon, Green Floral, and Light Musk as top notes. This scent effectively eliminates stagnant areas and adds a revitalizing touch to any space. These wax melts are infused with essential oils like Geranium and Coriander Seed. Great choice to make your space smell like clean clothes without doing the laundry!

Notes of : Green Floral ~ Geranium~ Lemon

These Fresh wax melts are soy based and come in a 6-pc plastic clamshell mold.

Fragrance Oil : 

  • Toxic Free
  • Carcinogens Free
  • Free from other hazardous materials found in other fragrance oils
  • Vegan & Cruelty Free
  • California prop 65 compliant
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