Q; Do you ship to PO boxes?

A: Yes, we can ship to PO boxes. As long as your PO box has room to accept the delivery, it no issue on our end. However doing so, may limit your shipping options and/or shipping services.


Q: How Long does it take to ship and receive my products?

A: This depends on the time of year. But typically we ship within a few days of order processing, with the exception of the hot summer months, which in that case we use discretion and may only ship Monday through Wednesday. So shipping may be delayed a couple of days. The shipping time also depends on the shipping service and carrier selected, and ship to location. Typical transit times may appl and range from 1-3 business days. These are just averages and may not apply to all orders. Your order will also have tracking info included once order has shipped for you to monitor.

Q: How do I properly extinguish the flame on my candle?

A: There are multiple ways to do this. Try not to blow out the flame as this will cause excessive smoke. This is also dangerous due to possibly blowing melted wax. If you need to blow out the flame, remember to do so gently. If you have a "wick snuffer", then that is ideal as it's a smokeless way to to put out the flame. You may also use the lid of the candle if it is fire/heat resistant and safe to do so. Using the lid will suffocate the flame in seconds.

Q: Why do most candles say to discontinue using the candle when a half inch of wax remains in the bottom?

A: This is a safety issue and any candle manufacture or retailer would highly recommend this. Glass gets hot on the bottom as the wick nears the end. It can cause cracking, breaking, or damage underneath the glass. We also recommend burning on heat resistant surfaces.

Q: What kind of wicks do you use?

A: We use multiple kinds of wicks depending on the item. These include cotton core wicks, flat braided and threaded cotton wicks, natural wood wicks. All wick types have various purposes and benefits including but not limited to having smoke resistant properties. We do not use any lead wicks. Lead wicks have been banned from the U.S.

Q: Do I need to trim the wick regularly?

A: Yes. Proper and regular maintenance will add on to the life of your candle. You should trim the wick when it needs trimming. If you see a carbon mushroom build up on top of the wick, it definitely needs to be trimmed to 1/4" before relighting your candle again. If your flames get to high, this is another indication that the wick needs to be trimmed. Please remember to let your candle cool and harden before trimming the wick. If you do not keep your wick trimmed, this may cause additional problems to occur. 

Q: Do you offer 'local pickup/delivery', is I am local and want to save of shipping charges?

A: At this time, this is currently not available. In the near future we hope to be able to accommodate local delivery based on mileage for a delivery fee. It may be possible also to attend the local craft shows that we may attend to avoid the shipping cost also.

Q: Do you ship any day of the week including weekends?

Mostly yes. However, we use discretion on this. If hot temperatures/extreme heat are expected we try to limit shipping to earlier in the week. This way the candles are not sitting in hot trucks or warehouses over the weekend. Please plan to have someone receive deliveries  during the summer to ensure candles are not sitting on hot porches for hours/days. 

Due to the risk involved when ordering candles during hot months, we cannot be held liable for melted candles and other wax products. To avoid these issues, we suggest having items delivered to a place you know someone will be present, maybe a friend, relative or place of employment. If you are expecting a shipment to your home then plan to have someone attempt to get the package inside to a cool place as soon as possible so it will not be in the heat for too long. As a courtesy we aim to ship early in the week to try to help avoid these issues.

Q: What kind of wax do you use?

A: We use multiple types of wax depending on the item. The type of wax will be listed on each individual product page. However, most products are soy blends and coconut blends.

Q: Why is my candle on burning down the middle and leaving lots of build up wax on the sides?

A: Each time you burn a candle, you should try to burn it for at least until the melted wax reaches the edge or very close to the edge of the container. This is typically around 3-5 hours of burn time depending on the container and/or the number of wicks. often you candle should correct itself as it burns down. 

If the candle does not correct itself, that is called tunneling. There are multiple factors for this happening. Not burning the candle for long enough is the main factor and poor production is another. 

A little wax around the the sides can be normal, especially towards the begging of the burn and sometimes in the middle. This will eventually self correct as even burning continues. We use premium ingredients and all our recipes including wax, fragrance, and wicks have been extensively tested to reduce the chances of this happening. In severe tunneling, the candle may not be able to self correct itself.

Q: Why do I sometimes see black puffs of smoke coming from my wicks?

A: Make sure to keep your wick trimmed properly to 1/4" as recommended for optimal burning. Try to avoid drafts that may cause the flame to flicker or create puffs of smoke. A window, door, vent, etc. will interfere with the flame due to constant drafts. It will cause the flame to move around and produce smoke. Also if the candle is located in a high traffic area where people constantly walk past then this may cause puffs of black smoke also. Typically this is normal unless it is constant with no other contributing factors listed above.

Q: What if an item is defective or damaged as it arrives?

Our goal is your complete satisfaction and enjoyment of the Cold Flame experience. If your product arrives damaged, please send us a message via our "contact us" form on our website or email us at humbleheatcandles@gmail.com. Please send photos of item in the original packaging and materials.

Q: What if I don't like the fragrance I ordered, May I return on exchange it?

A: Unfortunately, unless there is a candle defect, we generally do not offer exchanges based on personal fragrance preferences. Remember that our products make great gifts and everyone has a different sense of smell and preference, so if you don't like a scent then maybe a family, friend or co-worker would. We are sure to include the fragrance notes that make up each product to help aide in your choice. We hope you understand our policy. We also send a tester fragrance for free within every order. 

Q: Why does my wick have build-up on it?

A: This is called mushrooming, which is also known as a carbon buildup. This can happen with any kind of wick and wax. It is completely normal but does need to be removed between burns by trimming the wick before relighting as mentioned above. The mushroom can be a great reminder to trim the wick. Please remember to allow the candle to completely cool and harden before attempting to trim the wick so the wick debris does not fall into the wax.

Q: How long before my order Ships?

A:Most orders will ship within 1-3 business days assuming the items were in stock, there were no active order changes and depending on the shipping servie and time selected at the checkout. If there is any delay we will notify the cx.